Благодарим Ви!

☎️“NOT FOR PHONE”☎️ at 🎭Reflection🎭 theater last night in Quebec City, QC 🍁. Smiling faces, welcoming people absorbing every moment on stage as a fairy tale happening in front of their eyes. Actor Vesko Monev was the element, and his game 🌟 brilliant🌟. We don’t know exactly what art is, but that last night was the magic that only theatre can promise. 📞 “NOT FOR A PHONE”📞 made it come true, and the audience deserved it. Thank you, dear people, for the wonderful handmade gift you gave us – meaning, symbol and aesthetics in a ribbon box 🎁 And for the excitement of the memory that will remain, thank you ♥️ You are all great 🌹